goat rodeo image on black (1)Thee Goat Rodeo gang as they have come to be known includes, Bobby (Bopper) Williamson, (Coastal) Jack Walker, Tim (The Legend) Leeming, Cody (Hot Rod) Dinsmore, Hugh (The man on the street) Overcast…er uh.. I mean Overcash…or is it Ovalcrash, Shan (Shan-doe-Lier) Coughlin, and the “Half-fast” producer and wannabe host, Jeff (SirGilderWin) Gilder. With some off-the-wall commentary, The popular Legendtorial from Tim, throw in a little Georgia racing history from Cody, a ghost track segment from Bobby, a Carolina Beach Music history lesson from Coast Jack, and the always unexpected shenanigans from Hughla, and Shan, you have a show that will give you a good laugh and before you realize it…teach something about racing history. Joinus live on Tuesdays at 7 PM Eastern or listen on demand by clicking the player below.